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Downloading a map

Get your new map in three easy steps

Advice on downloading maps

Updating your map is a simple way of making sure you can get to where you want to be. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be driving with the latest map! We recommend taking the following into consideration before downloading a map.

  • MyTomTom cannot advise that a map has not downloaded correctly. Sometimes it may appear to be a successful download, but the map does not install properly. MyTomTom needs to have a stable and unrestricted internet connection. Hence, we highly recommend that you connect directly to the internet with a network cable and do not use a wireless network connection. This is because a wireless connection can be subject to interference.

  • Firewalls, antivirus scanners and pop-up blockers can also interfere with a map download. It may be necessary to configure your firewall and router to allow TomTom HOME/MyTomTom full access to the internet. If you are trying to download your map on a business network, for example, in an office at your workplace, be aware that your company may have download restrictions and access policies that may prevent a map from being downloaded.

Downloading your map

  1. Connect device
    Connect your device to your internet-enabled PC and switch the device on. MyTomTom will check to see if there are any new maps available for you. If you don’t have MyTomTom installed, please clickhere.

  2. Get items
    If there’s a new map available, just click ‘Get items’. If there’s a "Navigator Update" showing, make sure you download this first.

    Be sure to untick the map and only download the Navigator Update first.

  3. Start download
    Once the Navigator Update is complete, you can download your map. Click "Start downloading"; MyTomTom will download and install the map for you.During the download and installation, you see this icon:

    Your device might switch off during download, but the download will continue. You can check its progress using the MyTomTom support application. Click the TomTom logo in bottom right of the screen for Windows and top right for Mac. Once the installation is complete, the status in the MyTomTom support application changes to Your navigation device is up-to-date and you see this icon:

    You can now disconnect the device from your PC and set off knowing your map is the latest available.

For more advice on downloading maps, visit this page.