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Voice Maps

Voice Maps allow speech technology to be integrated into map applications, taking the quality of spoken instructions and voice recognition to a much higher level and helping software developers to differentiate their solutions in navigation, location-based and GIS/Telematics services.

Voice Maps make driving safer and more efficient. Combined with text-to-speech technology, Voice Maps allow the system to provide extra, natural spoken instructions that are generated dynamically. The voice input functions (speech recognition) allow users to enter commands and destination simply by speaking to the device.

Benefits for end users
Improved navigation
  • Instead of "take second street on the left", more details such as "at the second street on the left, turn into Grays Inn Road"
  • Added pronunciation variations; device "understands" the user (voice recognition)
  • Data is validated by experts to avoid bad pronunciation or pronunciation errors (text-to-speech)
Safer driving
  • Hands-free: destination entry and functions control as well as while-driving changes (speech recognition)
  • Vocal instructions: allow drivers to keep eyes on the road (text-to-speech)


Benefits for application developers
Bring quality to a higher level
  • In-house linguist team of native speakers produces and validates high-quality phonetic transcriptions
  • Differentiate by providing instructions "on-the-fly"
  • Sign post: street names, exit names and numbers, route numbers, place names and other destinations
  • POIs:
    • Extended choice of POI categories
    • Official, alternate and brand names
  • Place names: index area names, administrative names, built-up areas, Locality Index phonemes
  • Road elements: official and alternate names, route numbers
    Exonyms: e.g. 'Florence' and 'Firenze'
Shorten your time to market
  • No need to use pre-recorded voices
  • Highly automated creation and update of audible content
  • Lower conversion costs
  • Reduced memory requirements
Choose the speech technology that you prefer
Based on International Phonetic Alphabet and compliant with major speech technologies:
Acapela Group, IBM, Loquendo, Nuance, Svox, and Temic SDS (Harman Becker)
Reach more consumers

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