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Digital Elevation Model

Users of digital map applications are demanding more realistic display qualities. With the Digital Elevation Model, TomTom maps offer a better approach to enhancing visual accuracy. By integrating this enhanced content with standard maps, it is possible to represent the landscape’s altitude in devices or applications for any place in the world.

The Digital Elevation Model can be used in both a 2D representation, as well as a 3D visualization of maps, allowing for colorful cartographic atlas map representation and allowing for the draping of the road networks and even satellite imagery over them. The Digital Elevation Model has been developed to enhance the display of small and medium scale maps.

Available in different resolutionsAllows flexibility to enhance small to medium scale maps in applications
2D or 3D visualizationEnables 2D representation like on “cartographic atlas” and 3D representation with draping of road networks or satellite imagery over maps
Seamless global coverageSimplifies development by merging elevation data across country and regional borders, as well as across different data sources


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Body - Digital Elevation Model 1Body - Digital Elevation Model 2
GeoTIFF in 3D, Frankfurt, GermanyMountain polygond, Frankfurt, Germany

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