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Advanced City Models

Advanced City Models represent a major enhancement in TomTom’s relentless drive to deliver a cutting edge display for
navigation systems. Placing the map in its three dimensional context provides the end-user with a display closer to reality
and delivers superior orientation.

Advanced City Models are part of the complete visualisation data eco-system maintained by TomTom and can be easily
integrated not only with TomTom’s navigable product, but also with TomTom 2D City Map and TomTom 3D Landmark

Reasons to Use TomTom Advanced City Models

  • Provide a richer navigational experience to the end-user thanks to the enhanced spatial orientation, detailed map
    display and customization
  • Use together with 3D Landmarks and 2D City Maps and leverage the full power of TomTom’s visualization product
    eco-system to differentiate from the competition and make your product offering irresistible to the end-user

Product Feature Highlights

  • Optimized for real-time 3D display
  • Tiered model complexity provides support to a range of hardware platforms
  • Compact texture library is easy to customize
  • Precise geo-positioning
  • Aligned with TomTom’s global navigable map database
  • Integrates seamlessly with the complete TomTom visualization product eco-system (2D City Maps and 3D Landmarks)
  • The most comprehensive global coverage of any comparable product on the market

Our flexible product offering makes the Advanced City Model easy to use, integrate and customize. Advanced City
Models are provided in four Levels of Details (LOD), beginning with a simplified model and building up to the photorealistic
textured model.

Product features

There are four Levels of Detail (LOD) of Advanced City Models:
LOD1: ‘Shoebox’ model: basic, un-textured 3D model without roofs or superstructures. This model is aimed at supporting the lowest specification hardware platforms.
LOD2: Detailed 3D block models including roofs, large superstructures and small superstructures (e.g. elevator shafts)
LOD3: The LOD2 detailed block models with the addition of texture utilizing a window and door library. The manageable size of the texture library makes it very easy to customize the look and feel of the data.
LOD4: Photo-realistic textured 3D models including corresponding ortho images (ground images)

Body - Advanced City Models - LOD1Body - Advanced City Models - LOD2Body - Advanced City Models - LOD3Body - Advanced City Models - LOD4

The lower Levels of Detail are most appropriate for applications with limited memory and processing capabilities. This level of reality is rather basic. The higher Levels of Detail can be used in applications with more advanced memory and processing capabilities. This level of reality is high.

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