TomTom Bridge


    Move your business faster

    Take control and get there faster with the latest TomTom Maps and TomTom Traffic.

    Enjoy a fully customisable platform

    Integrate all your business applications or easily create your own new branded services to help increase efficiencies, reduce costs and gain a greater level of insight through the use of a single device.

    Experience a product designed for life on the road

    The unique interface and rugged design, tailor-made for drivers enables to drive more safe and secure.


    Industrial grade

    TomTom Bridge has been tested in tough conditions and is ready to travel with you on the road, whatever the road is. Bridge can cope with high vibration patterns, has the E-Mark certification, works in extreme operating temperature (-20 / +60) and is shock proof.

    Powerful platform

    TomTom Bridge comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to ensure all your business applications integrate seamlessly with navigation.

    Connectivity ready

    TomTom Bridge is built with the latest technologies including Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB OTG.

    Preloaded apps

    TomTom Bridge comes preloaded with Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) apps like email, calculator, webbrower, music player and more. In addition, Bridge includes a B2B demo app store offering 8 other business applications.

    Fully configurable

    Using our SDK, you can create your own TomTom Bridge software image which integrates your own business application, making sure you stay in control of what exactly what is on your devices.

    Made for Drivers

    TomTom Bridge offers flexible docking options, high precision GPS, 12 - 32v power supply and a 7 inch capacitive multi-touch display.

    TomTom navigation

    Enjoy TomTom's voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

    Lifetime Maps

    Drive with the latest map at no extra cost for the lifetime of your device.*

    Lifetime TomTom Traffic

    Drive with real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your device.*

    Truck-Specific Routing

    Get customised routes for your specific vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed.

    Premium Features

    Premium features include Near Field Communication, Camera, Flashlight and built-in 3G modem.

    How can TomTom Bridge help your business to move smarter?

    TomTom Bridge opens up a world of possibilities to every business that relies on a number of vehicles. It offers a wide range of opportunities to help increase efficiencies by creating innovative new services specific to your business.

    Case Studies


    Iveco Daily has been elected van of the year. The electric version of this vehicle comes standard with TomTom Bridge. Iveco has been building a specific housing to host the device in the 2din area. The device is connected to the vehicle network in order to display key information such as battery, autonomy and vehicle diagnostics.


    Frogne A/S, Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of taxi solutions selected TomTom Bridge to develop a complete taximeter solution that will meet future EU reporting requirements. The Frogne taximeter provides built-in fiscal functionality integrated with TomTom navigation. It provides complete documentation of operational data such as exact geographical location and financial charge for each taxi trip.

    Renault Trucks

    In the Netherlands every T-Drive purchased online comes with a TomTom Bridge. The device is fully configured to Renault Truck requirements: showing dealers, Renault applications, manuals and tools relevant for truck drivers.


    Astrata, the global leader in Advanced Location Based IT soultions, selected TomTom Bridge as their new driver terminal. With a reputation for sophisticated, high-end deployments, Astrata serves major multinationals and governments for the provision of their most mission critical fleet management, safety and security projects.

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    We are always keen to extend the TomTom Bridge network by involving new partners who can add value. Contact us today for more information on partnerships.


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    Create your own innovative business application

    TomTom Bridge offers you the flexibility to create your own branded applications to meet your specific business needs.

    Develop bespoke applications

    Most existing Android-based apps will work immediately with TomTom Bridge. In addition we offer a range of tools and guidelines to help you develop and adapt Android apps.

    Our developer portal puts the power of TomTom Bridge in your own hands. It offers detailed information on our APIs, a document library, case studies, access to our developers’ forums and links to TomTom content downloads.

    Create customised settings

    Customise a wide range of settings, including icon appearance, app arrangement, privacy controls, workflows and start-up sequences. It is also easy to access audio settings, including our text to speech engine and to adjust all sensors, including the device compass, gyro and G sensor.

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