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TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic is the new name for HD Traffic

What makes TomTom Traffic world-class?

  • TomTom Traffic provides you with precise and accurate real-time information. It pinpoints exactly where your delays start and end.

  • TomTom Traffic offers unrivalled road coverage. It offers you information on more than 99% of roads, including all secondary and slip roads.

Coverage - TomTom Traffic NZCoverage - TomTom Traffic Competitor NZ
TomTom Traffic Coverage
Competitor Traffic Coverage

What are the benefits of driving with TomTom Traffic?

  • Gets you to your destination faster. Independent tests have shown that on average, drivers using TomTom Traffic can save up to 18.5% of their journey time 1 . Your TomTom continuously looks for the fastest route. If traffic changes and there is a better route, you will be the first one to know.

  • Puts you in control. TomTom Traffic creates a vivid picture of traffic conditions as they evolve. With detailed incident reports and real-time congestion information you’ll always know what lies ahead. Helping you to decide whether you are better off staying in the traffic, or taking a detour.

  • Gives you detailed traffic information. TomTom Traffic knows exactly where delays start and end, how fast the traffic is moving and how long the delays are likely to last. And because we understand the bigger picture, we don’t advise you to leave one jam simply to enter another.

How does TomTom Traffic benefit the wider community?

We believe that if 10% of drivers use TomTom Traffic there will be a 'collective effect'. Roads will flow more efficiently and journey times will be reduced for everyone.

Learn more about the TomTom Traffic Manifesto.

1Independent Tests published in December 2011 were carried out in Berlin, Germany by the German Aerospace Centre - DLR (Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt Zentrum)

TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic coverage

Australia - New Zealand
Coverage includes:
AustraliaNew Zealand

TomTom Traffic

New TomTom GO devices

The all new TomTom GO range comes with Lifetime TomTom Traffic1.

Smartphone Connected

Lifetime TomTom Traffic - Smartphone ConnectedGet TomTom Traffic via your smartphone with Bluetooth® connection2. Your TomTom device is ready to receive traffic information by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth®.
Find out more.

Existing TomTom LIVE devices

TomTom Traffic (formerly known as TomTom Traffic) continues to be available as part of TomTom LIVE Services.

Live ServiceTomTom LIVE Services offers the best real-time services straight to your TomTom device, all in one convenient bundle.
Find out more.
1Applies to the 2013 TomTom GO 500 and 600.
2Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply.