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TomTom Maps

Your Journey…Faster with a TomTom Map

As one of the world’s leading satnav providers, TomTom knows that great in-car navigation relies on the best quality map. To keep enjoying fast and accurate navigation, your map needs to stay up to date.

That's why, here at TomTom, we do everything in our power to give you the best map right from the start.

Map making is in our DNA and this mapping expertise underpins a whole range of innovative features within our maps.

TomTom maps are more than just a basic map, we give you 4 layers of navigation technology:

  • Every device starts with the most up-to-date map.
  • Next we add TomTom IQ Routes to give you the quickest routes and most accurate arrival times.
  • The 3rd layer, TomTom Map Share, helps you avoid detours and get to your destination even faster.
  • And the 4th layer, HD Traffic, guarantees you the fastest way through traffic! *

TomTom gives you more map, more technology and the fastest routes.

* HD Traffic layer is only available on TomTom LIVE devices with active LIVE services.

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TomTom Maps

Your Journey... Faster with a TomTom Map

We provide all sorts of clever and cost-effective ways to help you keep your map up to date:

  • First of all, there’s our Latest Map Guarantee. If a new version of your map is released within 90 days of you starting to use your device, you can download it for free. Simply connect your device to any computer connected to the internet.

  • Then there’s TomTom Map Update Service. This gives you every single release of your map over a fixed period for a great price and what’s more, the newer your map is, the less you’ll pay.

  • Plus, Daily Map Changes from the TomTom Map Share community. Map Share is a unique TomTom technology - using it you can make simple changes to your map and receive changes from TomTom’s 21 million-strong user community.

  • And if you’re on holiday abroad or travelling somewhere new for business, why not pack your TomTom device and choose a travel map from our selection of more than 90 countries, covering over 30 million kilometres of road.

  • Information about Lifetime Maps