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What are Map Zones?

The size of TomTom maps is increasing. That’s because we’re always adding more detail – such as new roads, additional points of interest and updated IQ Routes™ information– to make our maps more accurate and thus improve your navigation experience.

As a result, you may find that when you buy a new map or update an existing map, the map you have chosen does not completely fit on your navigation device. To solve this, TomTom has divided some larger maps into smaller sections, called Map Zones.

NOTE: Map Zones are not yet supported by MyTomTom and do not affect any maps for the GO 1000 series, GO 800 series, VIA series or Sony XNV devices.

How to get your Map Zone

If HOME finds that your device doesn’t have enough memory for a new map, it will prompt you to download a Map Zone. You do this in the same way that you would download any new map. Just choose the Map Zone that covers the countries you need for the next trip you are taking.

Please note that while you can only install one Map Zone at any time, you still have access to the whole map and can change the zone you are using whenever you need to, using TomTom HOME.

Map Zones are not available for all maps.

If your device has a memory card slot, you have the option to install the full map onto a memory card with enough space.

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Change your Map Zone at any time

If you want to change your Map Zone, you can do so at any time using TomTom HOME. All you do is:

  1. Click Manage my device in the main menu in HOME.

  2. Click the Items on device tab. 

  3. Expand Maps, then click Change Map Zone next to the map currently on your device.

  4. Select a Map Zone to replace the one currently installed

  5. Click Done.

Tip: Saving a copy of the removed Map Zone to your computer when prompted will enable you to switch back much faster in the future.

Map Zones

How can I install the full map on my new memory card?

If your navigation device has a memory card slot, you can avoid the need for Map Zones and install the full map on a memory card. Just insert a card big enough to hold the full map (the map size is shown in the updates offered by TomTom HOME) and then connect your device to install the map.

Please note: it’s important to use the latest version of TomTom HOME when doing this (2.8 or higher). This version of HOME will guide you through the process for installing the full map on your memory card.

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