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              Motorcycle sat nav

              Do you dare?

              Feature Highlights

              Portrait View

              Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead, so you can prepare for your next turn.

              Hands-free Calling

              Make and accept incoming calls with your smartphone in your pocket. The TomTom Rider connects via Bluetooth® to your phone.

              Audio Instructions via Bluetooth®

              Keep your eyes on the road with Bluetooth® enabled directions delivered to your Bluetooth® helmet audio system.

              Bluetooth® File Sharing

              Share your route via Bluetooth® with other bikers- before you head out, or while you are on the way.

              Lifetime TomTom Traffic

              Always ride with real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your device at no extra cost.

              Lifetime Speed Cameras

              Advance warnings on your TomTom Rider let you know when you’re approaching a speed camera.

              Community Points of Interests

              Gain inspiration from other bikers and upload Points of Interests from the motorcycle community into your TomTom Rider.

              Weather-proof Design

              The glove-friendly screen responds instantly to touch and is designed for riding in any weather.

              PC Route Planning via Tyre Pro®

              Preplan a tour with Tyre Pro®, the interactive software that helps you search, design and edit routes on your PC before sending them to your motorcycle sat nav.


              TomTom Rider 40

              • Lifetime Maps of Western Europe
              • Lifetime TomTom Traffic

              TomTom Rider 410

              • 100 Great Rides preinstalled
              • Lifetime World Maps
              • Lifetime Speed Cameras
              • Lifetime TomTom Traffic

              TomTom Rider 410 Premium Pack

              • Car Mounting Kit, Anti-theft Solution and Protective Carry Case
              • 100 Great Rides preinstalled
              • Lifetime World Maps
              • Lifetime Speed Cameras
              • Lifetime TomTom Traffic

              Most Popular Accessories

              Car Mounting Kit

              Switch your TomTom Rider easily from motorcycle to car

              Anti-theft Solution

              Enjoy extra security when parking your motorbike

              Protective Carry Case

              Keep your TomTom device looking as good as new

              • Lifetime TomTom Traffic, Speed Cameras and Maps: Receive TomTom Traffic, Speed Cameras (not available in all countries) and download 4 or more full updates of your preinstalled map every year, for the life of your product. You need a PC with an Internet connection and a TomTom account to download map updates. For more information, visit Smartphone Connected: Get TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras via your smartphone* with Bluetooth connection. *Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply, check for more information.

              Pre-plan thrilling rides

              Plan in advance for a breath-taking tour by adding twists, turns and steep inclines to your TomTom Rider before you go. You can also define your available time and the route will adjust around your schedule.

              Create self-designed routes

              Design the ultimately personalised ride on your computer by defining all the stops along your route. From the nicest viewpoint to the coziest biker hotel. Upload it to your TomTom Rider–then enjoy the open road.

              Feature Highlights

              Winding Roads

              Add twists and turns to your ride by preplanning them in, via your PC.

              Hilly Roads

              Up the challenge by adding steep inclines and declines to your route, via your computer.


              Preplan a bucket list full of exciting destinations via MyDrive.

              Time-limited rides

              Only got a few hours? TomTom Rider can help you build a ride around that.

              Live traffic information

              Preplan a route with real time traffic information.

              Favourite destinations

              Easily add favourite destinations on your map. You know where your favourite hot spots are, share them with your TomTom Rider.

              Maps and Services


              Drive with the latest map.

              Speed Cameras

              Drive with the latest speed camera locations.


              Add fun to your drive.

              TomTom Traffic Europe - Truck

              Insanely accurate traffic information.