Ride Your Way

Decide the level of ups and downs

Stay at sea level or climb to the highest peaks.

Built for bikers

Completely redesigned for life on the road.


Winding Roads

Find the most exciting winding roads and avoid the boring straights.

Hilly Roads

Stay at sea level or climb to the highest peaks.

Round-trip Planning

Discover new routes by simply tapping the area you want to explore.

Portrait View

Simply rotate to portrait view to see more of the bends ahead.

PC Route Planning

Pre-plan a tour before leaving home with Tyre Pro®.

Audio Instructions via Bluetooth®

Keep your eyes on the road with instructions through your headset.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic

Always ride with real-time traffic information for the lifetime of your device**

Lifetime Speed Cameras

Get alerts for speed cameras to ride safer and avoid unnecessary fines**

Weather-proof Design

As weather ready as you are.

  • **Receive TomTom Traffic, Speed Cameras (not available in all countries) and download 4 or more full updates of your pre-installed map every year, for the life of your product. You need a PC with an Internet connection and a MyTomTom account to download map updates. For more information, visit Smartphone Connected: Get TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras via your smartphone with Bluetooth connection. Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply, check for more information.