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Forget the motorway, hit the winding roads.

You know you’re a rider when all you want to do is turn off the boring straight roads and hit the zig-zags. Roads are far more fun when you never know what’s around the next bend. Sure, it’s not the fastest way to travel but you can’t beat that adrenaline kick of leaning into a tight bend.

Ride your dream route with Winding Roads and new Tyre Pro

As every rider knows, the journey really begins long before you get on your bike. Now, you can take more control over your ride than ever before with two new journey planning tools from TomTom.


Winding Roads feature on your device

With our Winding Roads feature on your device, you can choose the curviest, most adrenaline-charged route when you’re out and about. It gets you out of the city fast, so you can get to the real riding out on the bendy roads.


Improved PC Route Management via Tyre Pro®

To guarantee a fun ride before you set off, our new Tyre Pro route management programme lets you pre-plan your dream winding route down to the last detail on your computer. Pick the best roads – or the most scenic ones – and schedule in stop-offs at famous biker haunts or motorcycle-friendly hotels. Then simply upload your route to your device or share with your comrades-on-wheels.

The Freedom to Choose your Journey

The TomTom RIDER doesn't just show you where to go, it gives you the freedom to explore. Whether you want to go the fastest way or take the longest, windiest roads, it's designed to deliver on every level, and in any weather. Want something else? You can customise your own route – on your PC, or on your RIDER itself

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