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Speed Cameras South Africa

Save money with fixed camera warnings

More and more drivers are hit by costly speeding fines each year. That's why knowing where the speed cameras are doesn't just make driving safer - it's better for your wallet too.

TomTom Speed Cameras gives you advanced warnings on fixed speed cameras including red light cameras.

So you can stop worrying about speed cameras. It saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed, wherever you are.

Speed Cameras South Africa

Save money

  • Get hundreds of up-to-date fixed camera locations, plus warnings for other types of camera like red light cameras.

  • Easily report or remove camera locations yourself and share them with the whole community.

Drive safely

  • Choose audio or visual warnings of upcoming speed cameras.

  • Get timely alerts as you approach speed cameras.

  • Independent research proves that satellite navigation makes driving safer. Users are less stressed, less distracted and generally feel safer.

Be relaxed

  • TomTom has the biggest navigation community with over 25 million users.

  • 95% coverage.

  • Your travel time and driving distance are significantly reduced.

Speed Cameras South Africa

With TomTom Speed Cameras, your TomTom device warns you whenever there is a speed camera on your route. You get alerts for fixed cameras, and other types of camera supported in your country.

The camera locations are stored on your device. You can update them regularly by connecting to TomTom HOME or MyDrive.

Icon - Report Mobile Speed CamerasIf you spot a new speed camera or find that one has been removed, you can report it easily and share it with other TomTom users.
Icon - Settings Mobile Speed CamerasFor every type of camera you get a visual alert and a warning sound. You can set your own preferred alert sound that you will hear whenever you are in close proximity to a camera.

Speed Cameras South Africa

In South Africa  the following types of cameras are supported:

  • Fixed cameras

  • Red light cameras