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Speed Cameras app for iPhone

Your Journey… Safer and Better Informed

  • Alerts for mobile and fixed speed cameras
  • Early warnings for cameras around corners
  • Dedicated, easy-to-understand interface
  • Powered by TomTom maps
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Free 12 months subscription
FREE 12 months subscription
TomTom Speed Cameras app for iPhone

Sign up now for a free 12 months subscription for a limited time!
All users that now register a new tomtom account inside the app or sign in with an existing tomtom account will get a 12 months subscription free of charge.

TomTom Speed Cameras app for iPhone characteristics

  • 95% coverage of fixed camera locations

    Get thousands of fixed camera locations, updated up to twice a week. The app also warns for other types of cameras including red light cameras, average speed checks, and you can enable it to warn for likely mobile hotspots as well.

  • Background alerts

    Continue to receive audio and visual alerts when running the app in the background. When placed in the background the app will beep once and show a notification when a camera is approaching.

  • Real-time updates on mobile camera locations

    The app checks for the latest mobile speed camera locations every two minutes, including confirmed reports from your fellow TomTom speed camera warning users.

  • Precisely timed camera alerts

    Know the exact location of an approaching camera as the app counts down the distance to it in meters/yards.

  • Average speed check support

    See your progress within average speed checks and ensure your average speed is below the speed limit.

  • Early warnings for cameras around corners

    The app even detects cameras that are not on your current road but gives you a gentle heads-up so you won’t get caught out if you take an upcoming turn.

  • Dedicated, easy to understand interface

    The app uses a colour-coded warning system that makes it easy to see if you need to slow down.

  • Less false alerts

    Because the app knows which road you are driving on, it only alerts you when necessary, helping you keep your eyes on the road.

  • Road speed limits

    Know if you’re speeding, even when there is no camera approaching.

  • Safe camera reporting

    Easily add or remove mobile or fixed camera locations, even those on the opposite side of the road, thus sharing them with your fellow TomTom speed camera warning users.

  • Powered by TomTom maps

    The app uses TomTom’s world-class mapping technology to reliably pinpoint your location and those of speed cameras on the road network.

  • Rely on 1.6 million TomTom users

    TomTom’s Speed Camera community consists of 1.6 million users in the 15 countries where our application is available. Together we all help improve the quality of the service by sharing newly added or removed cameras with each other.

was Free

Supported languages *

The user interface comes in the following languages

Afrikaans Catalan Czech
Danish Dutch Finnish
French German Greek
Hungarian Italian Malaysian
Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Portuguese Brazil Russian Slovakian
Slovenian Spanish Spanish (Latin American)
Swedish Turkish UK English
US English

* languages available may differ per country.

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