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Given the high operating costs and capital investments in trucks, fleet managers need to safely and efficiently route these vehicles to maximize their utilization. Logistics provides truck restriction and preferred attributes for coverage ranging from major highways to interconnecting roads to local street network -- enabling seamless, connected routing.

Logistics is a comprehensive, global digital map database specifically designed for fleet owners and operators who manage large trucks and other road-restricted vehicles, as well as application developers who serve this market.

This award-winning dataset has the most extensive global coverage. When combined with our MultiNet core map product, which features superior positional accuracy, comprehensive addressing, geocoding functionality and rich map display, Logistics can be a powerful component of your commercial vehicle telematics solution.

Broad Coverage
Canada, US and 30 European countries availableAllows you to launch products in multiple markets
Comprehensive Attribution
Includes truck-related routing and non-routing guidelinesEnsures your solution can consider diverse rules and regulations
Links to MultiNet
Map update each quarter
Delivers superbroad network quality and freshness
Maintained with community input
Enhancement Products Available
ADA – gradient, curvature, lane information, etc.
Develop differentiated products to gain market share
Junction views
Voice Maps
Detailed Granularity
Extensive attribution on local roads in US and UK - this is the most challenging data to collect and maintainEnables precise routing to the final destination

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