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World Boundary Map

A high level map view is the starting point of many location applications. TomTom has a suite of display products including World Boundary Map. Physical, political and geographical features are captured in World Boundary Map enabling a high-level view of the world.

World Boundary Map is built on top of our MultiNet® product and contains the following attributes:

  • Country borders with names
  • State borders for selected countries with names
  • City centers
  • Water elements with names
  • Cartographic flags (classification of borders into inland or coastal)
  • Elevation information (mountain height or sea depth)

World Boundary Map enhances mapping applications by creating a more visually compelling and realistic map display. It is easy to integrate and enables display enhancements.

Fully integrated with MultiNetEase of implementation
Extensive global coverageSupports product differentiation for full feature, high-end applications and lower cost solutions with limited features
Accurate bordersHigh quality results in superior applications
Can be combined with satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Model and other small-scale data setsEnables various display enhancements

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