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Signpost Images

TomTom Signpost Images are a graphic representation of the signpost information which is stored in MultiNet, TomTom’s
global navigable map.

Reasons to Use TomTom Signpost Images

  • Provide an additional visual aid at junctions to the driver
  • The Signpost Images are clear and easy-to-read minimizing the distraction of the driver.
  • The Signpost Images contain the following information: main destinations, exit number, road numbers and shields, pictograms, directional arrow. They have country-specific characteristics.
  • The integration of the Signpost Images in the navigation application is easy thanks to a consistent format and layout
    (unlike the signpost in reality)
  • The Signpost Images can be used for display at any size and resolution without loss of quality, thanks to the vector
    data format.
  • The file size is small.

Product Feature Highlights

  • The Signpost Images are made available for a subset of signpost information present in MultiNet
  • They are linked to the TomTom’s MultiNet navigable global map

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IMG Signpost images 

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