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2D City Maps

TomTom developed the 2D City Map product to meet the growing demand for more visual details in the navigable
map. The 2D City Map Product offers a wealth of visual information for many urban areas globally consisting of
building footprints and small scale land use details like ponds, park areas and golf courses among many others.

Reasons to Use the TomTom 2D City Maps

  • The details of the 2D City Maps provide a richer and attractive map display
  • It allows the users to quickly recognize the surroundings which helps their orientation
  • Use together with Advanced City Models and 3D Landmarks and leverage the full power of TomTom’s
    visualization product eco-system to differentiate from the competition and make your product offering
    irresistible to the end-user

Product Feature Highlights

  • Detailed building footprints information with building types (hospital, school,…)
  • Land use information: water areas, parks, footpaths, …
  • Precise geo-positioning
  • Aligned with the TomTom global navigable map database
  • Complements and aligns with the broader TomTom enhancement product eco-system (Advanced City Models
    and 3D Landmarks)
  • Comprehensive global coverage, constantly expanded and updated.

Levels of Detail (LOD) Offerings

  • Standard 2D City Map
  • 2D City Map LOD1 – generalized version of the building with the same coverage. Details are eliminated for
    display from a distance or when memory is the constraining factor on the client system.

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