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The internet market segment includes mainly internet mapping portals, trip planning sites, directory sites and social media.
Location relevant content has been and still is increasing in all websites where an individuals’ location is important. Moreover we increasingly see mobile applications supporting or linked to internet sites adding location as an extra dimension to web offerings.

Thanks to TomTom’s ever-growing community comprising of many millions of mobile and PND users, we collect and compile massive amounts of user and GPS generated observations .  This community input combined with TomTom’s professional survey and map building processes ensures that TomTom is able to deliver a powerful set of content & services products.

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Body - Internet

 Your Needs/ProjectTomTom ProductsOpportunity
Building an internet mapping portal enabling customers to find places and calculate routesTomTom Map content & live servicesOffer your users access to the freshest map data & up to date services
Integrate find location, map display & routing functionality in your directory web portalTomTom LBSEasy integration in your website & enable your customers’ access to TomTom’s great geocoding, routing and map display LBS functionality
Add a friend-finder feature to your mobile or internet social media siteTomTom Map or TomTom LBSEnable your customers to locate/geocode and route to their friends using TomTom data or LBS functionality
Add a store-finder feature to your company websiteTomTom LBSEnable your customers to calculate the best route to your stores while avoiding traffic


TomTom delivers a comprehensive range of map, route and traffic products to assist every aspect of your business. Highlights include:

Body - Product - MultiNetBody - Product - HD Flow

MultiNet provides the richest, freshest and most accurate global road network database.
It integrates turn-by-turn directions, road data including signage and intersections to get your services moving quickly and efficiently.
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TomTom Traffic Flow tells you what is happening right now using TomTom's real time traffic information.
For each road segment it delivers the road's identification, its total travel time and its average speed and quality.
Data is easily integrated into traffic management systems.
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Body - Product - Address PointsBody - Product - Enterprise Traffic

Address Points delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy for your business by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels.
By constantly seeking and incorporating address data from many private and government sources TomTom is delivering a highly relevant and high resolution dataset for address geocoding.
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TomTom Traffic provides real time congestion information solely for road stretches experiencing delays.
This improves the accuracy of fastest route calculations and ETA forecasts. Accuracy is ensured with data aggregated from multiple sources.
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