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Geo-Marketing is a toolset and process for decision support in a long list of industries.
Retail, Financial Services and Health Care are some examples of markets that can profit or lose, to the tune of billions of dollars per year, based on judgments made in the geo-analysis process. Incremental improvements in the content applied to the task yield only incremental benefits in the outcome. Parametric improvements can make a world of difference.

An accurate spatial perspective is crucial in targeting the right audience for marketing and advertizing, and using TomTom unique data can provide a better understanding of that audience's behavior in ways never before possible. Thanks to TomTom ever-growing community comprising tens of millions of Portable Navigation Device (PND) users, we collect and compiling a massive quantity of GPS observations; 6 Trillion observations to date and growing by 6 billions each day. Along with the commitment of our community TomTom is the sole source of such powerful observation-based products.

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Body - GeoAnalytics

 Problem / NeedsOpportunities
Site selectionTypical for retail, except ATMs have very high need for quick "in and out" access. Dependent on roadway trafficAbility to include driving access and driver demographics in analysis
Marketing and advertisingIdentifying customers "on the move."Ability to include driving access and driver demographics in analysis
Site selection and valuationWhere should I locate outdoor advertising billboards and what is their value?Increase value of billboard location by selecting best sites and proving value to advertisers
Distance calculation, polygon inclusion, clustering, demographic analysis.Computationally intensive and difficult for non-GIS experts. Data traditionally complexCapture lower end of markets. Need ability to include user defined polygons. Needed to support SAAS


TomTom delivers a comprehensive range of map, route and traffic products to assist every aspect of your business. Highlights include:

Body - Product - MultiNetBody - Product - Address Points

MultiNet provides the richest, freshest and most accurate global road network database.
It integrates turn-by-turn directions, road data including signage and intersections to get your services moving quickly and efficiently.
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Address Points delivers the ultimate in geocoding accuracy for your business by pinpointing discrete, actual street addresses to physical buildings or property parcels.
By constantly seeking and incorporating address data from many private and government sources TomTom is delivering a highly relevant and high resolution dataset for address geocoding.
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Body - Product - Custom Area Analysis 

Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis, both historical traffic content, reveal the risks travellers face every day.
Specify the route or area you require and analyse it at any hour of the day, and any day of the year.
Understand road usage in extreme weather conditions, when school lets out, and even the impact of holidays.
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