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                  THIRD-PARTY LICENSES

                  View the third-party licenses that TomTom uses for its products.

                  Open Source Software Licenses

                  Read more about how TomTom uses open-source software in its products and services.

                  The rights to use such products or software are in whole or in part subject to the terms of the applicable open source software license(s) as further specified via,

                  Each party is responsible for complying with their respective obligations under the applicable open source software license(s) at the point of distribution of the software.

                  The official references for Open Source Software used in a product is included in either the product documentation or the user interface.

                  Google Terms

                  Where services are provided by Google, use of those services is subject to the following:
                  I.   Google Terms of Service
                  II.  Google Maps/Google Local Terms of Service
                  III. Google Maps/Google Local Legal Notices
                  IV. Google Privacy Policy