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Save money with mobile and fixed camera warnings

More and more drivers are hit by costly speeding fines each year. That's why knowing where the speed cameras are doesn't just make driving safer - it's better for your wallet too.

TomTom Mobile Speed Cameras gives you advanced warnings on fixed speed cameras and real-time warnings for mobile speed cameras.

You also get warnings about railway crossings, mobile hotspots and accident black spots.
It even works when you're in New Zealand.

So you can stop worrying about safety cameras. It saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed, wherever you are.

Save money

  • Know where the cameras are, with mobile speed camera alerts sent directly to your TomTom device

  • Get hundreds of up-to-date fixed camera locations, plus warnings for other types of cameras including red light cameras and mobile camera hotspots

  • Easily report or remove camera locations yourself and share them with the whole community

Drive safely

  • Choose audio or visual warnings of upcoming safety cameras

  • Get alerts as you approach accident blackspots and (ungated) railway crossings

  • Independent research proves that satellite navigation makes driving safer. Users are less stressed, less distracted and generally feel safer.

Be relaxed

  • TomTom has the biggest navigation community with over 25 million users

  • 95% coverage

  • TomTom Safety Camera locations are used by traffic authorities and radio stations

  • Your travel time and driving distance are significantly reduced

With TomTom Mobile Speed Cameras, your TomTom device warns you whenever there is a safety camera on your route. You get alerts for mobile cameras, fixed cameras, and all other types of camera supported in your country.

Mobile cameras are sent directly onto your device as you drive. All other camera locations are stored on your device. You can update them regularly by connecting to TomTom HOME or MyDrive.

If you spot a new safety camera or find that one has been removed, you can report it easily and share it with other TomTom users.

For every type of camera you get a visual alert and a warning sound. You can set your own preferred alert sound that you will hear whenever you are in close proximity to a camera. You can even adjust the timing!

Your LIVE device comes with a pre-installed base of fixed safety camera locations. You can keep them up-to-date by connecting regularly to TomTom HOME, which will give you the latest accident blackspots, (ungated) railway locations and other types of cameras supported in your country too.

Mobile Speed Camera locations are sent straight to your device as you drive.

In Australia your LIVE device supports:

  • mobile speed cameras

  • fixed safety cameras

  • red light cameras

Going abroad? You can even keep using LIVE Services in New Zealand.

Mobile Speed Cameras is part of TomTom LIVE Services, which brings a bundle of the best real-time TomTom services straight to your device.

No TomTom navigation device yet? Click here to check which device comes with the 1 year LIVE Services for free.

You already have a TomTom navigation device? Click on the 'buy in bundle button' and find out if your device supports LIVE services.

How do I receive mobile speed camera alerts?

You automatically receive the locations of mobile speed cameras through the built-in connectivity of your TomTom LIVE device. You can even select the warning sound played when approaching a speed camera.

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What are types of speed camera alerts are there and how do I receive them?

Different types of speed cameras are: fixed speed camera, red light, bi-directional, vehicle restriction and toll road camera. Your LIVE device comes with a pre-installed base of these speed camera locations, that varies per country, and will alert you when in the proximity of a speed camera.

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What are premium speed cameras and how do I receive them?

Premium speed cameras are provided in addition to your basic speed camera types and consist of average speed checks, (ungated) railway crossings, accident black spots and mobile camera hotspots. Your LIVE device comes with a pre-installed base of these premium speed camera locations, that varies per country. You can select if you wish to be warned and the sound played when approaching a camera in the speed camera menu.

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How long does a mobile speed camera alert remain on my device?

After a mobile speed camera appears on your device it will remain there for three hours.

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Can I receive speed cameras on any other device than the LIVE devices?

At this moment the extended safety cameras offering is only available for the TomTom LIVE devices.

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Can I also receive speed cameras abroad?

 No, currently you only receive speed cameras in New Zealand.

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How are my mobile speed camera alerts updated and how often?

The mobile speed camera database is updated real-time - whenever new (mobile) speed cameras are reported, through the built-in connectivity of the device.

(Mobile) speed camera alerts will be visible to the user when they approach this location.

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How do I report a mobile speed camera and how do I share this with other users?

Users can report mobile speed cameras in three ways:

  • through the new and enhanced voice control option on your TomTom you can report a camera by saying: report a 'speed camera'

  • select 'camera reporting' in your quick menu and report a mobile camera via this menu when passing a safety camera location that is not yet in the device

  • 'report a camera' in the Safety camera menu of the device

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Do I still need to update the fixed speed camera database on my LIVE device now a SIM card is included?

Yes, you can use TomTom HOME desktop software to download the latest fixed speed camera database when you have a subscription to LIVE services. Mobile safety cameras are sent to your device in real-time.

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How are speed camera alerts generated?

Fixed Cameras:
TomTom checks multiple customer reports on an ongoing basis. These reports are incorporated in the speed camera database that is pre-installed on our devices.

Likely Mobile Camera locations (Mobile Camera Hotspots):

  • Likely Mobile Speed Cameras have been derived from 3 years of historical information of locations of active (mobile) cameras

  • For a likely location (mobile hotspot) to become active, 1 user report is required.

Active Mobile Camera Hotspots:
A camera location has been reported and activated by at least 2 unique devices.

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